Jerre H.

Aloha saved our pool! Our pool was a tough one. Main drain failed, skimmer leaked irreparably, fiberglass surface delaminating from a rotten plaster subsurface. Underground leaks drew in dirt. Algae was uncontrollable even with intense daily efforts and “guaranteed” products. Other companies expensive repairs and money back guarantees could not fix our problems.


But Aloha Pools of Austin was different. In spring 2010 Aloha saved our pool made it fun again. John Coats and every one of his staff are experts in their skills. John Coats explained our problems and described Alohas solutions. They replaced the skimmer — deep surgery in our pool, but no problem for Aloha. They replaced our fiberglass surface with new plaster replaced and all the plumbing and filtration.


Watching them work was impressive. Their confidence and expertise amazed us. Every stage of the work went exactly as they predicted. Everything they tried succeeded right away. The result is a crystal clean and trouble free pool low maintenance (yes!) and months of fun so far. Now months later we are still singing the praises of John Coats and Aloha Pools.